Priest Lake Idaho

This is an absolutely beautiful place that I intend on returning to. I think the best time to explore is in the morning before it gets to hot and everyone else is out and about, it is also a good time to see the wildlife wandering around. Priest Lake is gorgeous, if you ever get the chance check it out.





I Love Sandpoint

Sandpoint Idaho is a fantastic place to vacation. It is so beautiful and the people are extremely wonderful. If you ever get the chance I suggest you go.

Oh Canada!

Kanarraville Falls

Utah has some amazing hikes, this is the Kanarra Creek Canyon Hiking Trail. This hike is mostly through water, and in March it was freezing! Other than the cold, it is an absolutely stunning place to hike and photograph.

Mans Best Friend

I absolutely love animals, especially dogs. Photographing them is always fun and entertaining. Every dog has its own personality and uniqueness that I love trying to capture with the camera.

I Love Nature


Nature is a beautiful thing that changes all the time, which is why I love to photograph it. No moment will ever be exactly the same because: plants grow and die, clouds change shape, and water moves the earth around. So I capture the beautiful moments in nature when I can because it will never be the same.